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Twice Nice Thrift Shop
Twice Nice Thrift Shop
Twice Nice Thrift Shop
Deborah Brockner
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To raise community awareness about domestic violence and support victims of violence with safe shelter, legal support, counseling and therapy.
Twice Nice Thrift Store supports the Verde Valley Sanctuary with a full service, largely volunteer thrift shop serving Sedona and the surrounding Verde Valley. We accept donations on-site or pick up large items upon request.

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We are conducting a Diaper Drive for mothers and infants at the Verde Valley Sanctuary Shelter. Please drop off unopened packages of diapers or cash donations/gift cards at Twice Nice on 89A in Sedona.

The shelter, for victims of abuse, can accommodate 28 residents at a time. Typically there are 12 adults and 12 children in residence. The ages and sizes of the children varies daily so the flexibility of gift card or cash donations is greatly appreciated allowing us to go purchase the size and quantity needed. This also helps us with the challenges of storing large quantities of diapers.

Date Submitted: 11/28/2017



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