Fine Art Museum of Sedona

Fine Art Museum of Sedona
Fine Art Museum of Sedona
Fine Art Museum of Sedona
Mary Byrd
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  • Arts.
  • Educational.
  • Historical.
To acquire, conserve, research and curate a permanent
collection of original works of art and to present temporary exhibits of art of the highest artistic merit for the purpose of education, study, and the enjoyment of the public.
Planned events, standing committees and board membership are some of the areas where public participation helps carry out its mission.

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An anonymous donor has pledged to match all gifts up to $25,000 to establish an Arizona Community Foundation Fund for building a fine art museum for Sedona and the Verde Valley. The FAMoS Building Fund will hold donations to be used to construct the museum. This opportunity to have all donations matched will run from December 1 to February 15, 2020. Make your year end tax deductible donations and double your impact! Visit to learn more and donate.

Date Submitted: 11/22/2019



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