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The work of Step Forward Education is to provide high schools nationwide with dynamic, experienced-based 4-year elective courses that prepare future creative thinkers, skilled humanitarian leaders, and social entrepreneurs dedicated to service. This groundbreaking program cultivates the skills and strengths of character students will need to confidently pioneer critical new solutions and vital new-paradigm systems that will help humanity transform its many 21st century challenges into its greatest achievements.


1) THE GLOBAL NEED FOR VISIONARY AND SKILLED LEADERS: We are living in a time with an extraordinary number of critical national and global problems that are threatening our very survival. Humanity needs visionary leaders and innovators capable of advancing us into a new era of global cooperation and creative solutions in all fields.

2) THE NEED FOR AN EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM UPGRADE: The educational system in the United States is not preparing its youth with the higher-level visionary leadership and innovative problem-solving skills that are needed to effectively address humanity’s pressing challenges. The educational goals, curriculum and teacher training have not kept up with the many fast-paced changes, problems and opportunities that are taking place in our world.

3) THE UNCULTIVATED POTENTIAL OF YOUTH: As a group of educators, each of the Step Forward Project Team has witnessed countless teenagers with immense potential, yet floundering due to a lack of inspiration, purpose and vision for their future, often leading to a downward cycle of self-destructive behaviors. This uncultivated potential of youth can be inspired and cultivated and this is the goal of the Step Forward curriculum. Students will become inspired to contribute their best to life and thereby help to creatively regenerate the systems and institutions that determine the quality of life for all humanity and life on the planet.
ENRICHING THE LIVES OF YOUTH: The Step Forward programs foster in youth a deepened sense of purpose, hope for the future, and the joy of working collaboratively with others to help create positive change. Student immersion in ongoing new challenges and positive peer interactions satisfy their innate quest for adventure, independence and belonging. Our program helps divert self-defeating teenage behaviors, fostering instead, conscious choices based on their highest goals and dreams for their future and for the future of humanity.

ADVANCING THE FIELD OF EDUCATION: The Step Forward curriculum provides a model of expanded educational goals and experiential learning methods designed to catalyze the needed 21st century upgrades in our educational system. In time, we envision that the Step Forward courses will become a new norm in schools across the country. Our critical times dictate the necessity for a new educational approach that cultivates students’ abilities to: 1) think broadly and critically, 2) engage in research about world needs and potential solutions, 3) write and present project proposals for social change, 4) plan and implement local and global service initiatives, 5) create informative multimedia community presentations, and much more.

THE PLAN is to launch these unique, leading-edge educational programs in elementary and high schools nationwide. The Step Forward curriculum products will include a comprehensive four-year high school elective course, a two-semester elementary program, as well as 16 high school and 8 elementary 4-week mini learning units. Extending an environment of support for students, Step Forward Education will additionally provide dynamic teacher workshops, school district-wide in-services, and parent workshops, each with supporting instructional materials.

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Step Forward Education fosters in students a deepened sense of purpose, hope for the future, and the joy of working collaboratively with others to help create positive change. Self-defeating teenage behaviors are diverted and conscious choices fostered based on students’ highest dreams for their future.
Parents of gifted, teen advocates, retired teachers/administrators, and others
are stirred by what it brings to the table. To move from development
phase to piloting, volunteers are needed 2-4 hours Tuesday and/or Thursday
afternoons to:

1) Research online from a list of potential funding sources
2) Typing curriculum material.
3) Curriculum input
4) Gather inspiring talks/writings from great leaders
5) Website/Social Media Development.

Contact: 928-282-2249

Date Submitted: 09-04-2019



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