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Desert Star School
Desert Star School
Desert Star School
Cheryl LeBlanc
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about 200 students and families
school days, monday-friday 8:20 - 3:10
Mission Statement

Desert Star Community School Is a rural charter public school in Cornville, AZ, which serves Sedona (has a Sedona bus stop) and the greater Sedona area. It offers a curriculum designed to meet Arizona State educational standards through an innovative approach that is experiential, meaningful and imaginative. Desert Star meets the needs of the whole child by engaging on many levels: cognitive, physical, social, emotional as well as the creative-imaginative.

Desert Star's educational program integrates daily curriculum content with multiple art forms such as drawing, painting, sculpting, handwork and woodwork, as well as, movement, drama and music. Effective learning flourishes in an environment which honors and respects the wonder of childhood. In this age of pervasive media and technological influences, Desert Star offers a healthy, balanced approach which draws upon both age-old traditions and cutting edge research to determine how to best teach children and meet their needs.

The Waldorf approach of "head, heart and hands" allows children to integrate and retain what they learn through experiential, multi-sensory and emotionally engaging learning experiences. The education methods and curriculum are designed to invigorate the mind intellectually, engage the heart, and encourage children to work actively with the hands and body throughout the day.

Students are prepared to enter adulthood with confidence, self-discipline, creative thinking, analytical skills, a joy for learning, reverence and wonder for the world.
2/3 of Desert Star families qualify as "low income" and the school has a food program for many of its students. The school intends to enhance this program with home-grown vegetables and fruit and attract volunteers to educate and assist with it.

The school is in need of funds for a new instrumental music program, a gardening program which involves the community, the construction of a community center on campus (already in the works, but in need of additional funds for eco-friendly items like sky lights, solar panels, sound and lights and a stage). It also needs funds (or goods) for recess play equipment to encourage fitness.

Contact Joseph at 928 821-4677 or

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