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Tewa Holiday Project
Tewa Holiday Project
Milton Crewse
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Tewa Holiday Project is dedicated to providing Holiday assistance to the Tewa Natives living on First Mesa on the Hopi Reservation. As a separate tribe, they are not included in the donations delivered to the Hopi during the Holiday
Season. Our project makes up some of the difference. As Tewa families are tight knit, these items reach deep into the generations.
Food, personal hygiene items, clothing, new individualized winter coats, new age-specific Christmas toys and warm hand-knit hats.

Food: It collects $15 – 18 Thousand in cash donations to purchase shelf-stable food
in sufficient quantities to deliver to the 85 elders each December. It also includes a frozen
turkey, 55 lbs of fresh fruits and vegetables, rice and bean meals and a new blanket. Visualize two banker boxes, two cloth Basha bags and two large IKEA bags stuffed with, teas, soups, cereal, flour, sugar etc., as well as a hygiene and personal care items. It takes 6-7 volunteers to get each elder and their bounty to their car.

Gently Used Clothing: We collect HUGE quantities of gently used clothing for infants to adults.

New Winter Coats: It supplies one new coat each year for each of the 150+ students in First
Mesa Elementary school through a coat drive based on specific sizes and colors as requested by each individual student. Ornaments are made and hung at local grocers and picked up by generous individuals in the community

Christmas Toys: Through a toy drive it delivers over 150+ wrapped, new toys for the young descendants of the Tewa elders.

Hand knit hats: Each student and each Elder receive a warm, hand knit hat each year.

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Despite Covid19, the Tewa Holiday Project is in full swing. Delivery will be different as Manzanita Outreach has graciously offered to make the delivery of all the food and consumables to the Tewa Center who will have members ready to unload and dispense to the Elders Instead of hauling all the bags to the cars, the cars will drive by and the bags will be loaded into their trunks. New coats and hand knit hats are going to First Mesa Elementary. Donations are gratefully accepted and can be made by calling Randy Crewse at 928-300-7141 or email him at RandyCrewse@gmail.com.

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