SallyPat Transitional Residential Housing

SallyPat Transitional Residential Housing
SallyPat Transitional Residential Housing
SallyPat Transitional Residential Housing
Barbara Cypher
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SallyPat Transitional Residential Housing is private housing for women predominantly age 55+ who are survivors of Domestic Abuse, Veterans, Tribal Native Americans, or on the path to homelessness. It is intended to be low-income housing for those who wish to step out of the cycle of poverty. Residents share their time and talents with each other.
The SallyPat House strives to provide a workforce to the Sedona Business Community, as well as volunteers to various thrift stores and non-profits, using bus transportation. It assists with financial literacy, practical money management, and personal SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timebound) goals.

It seeks additional property and funding through grants, family foundations, civic groups, individual donors and volunteers to expand support services.

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SallyPat Donations at West Sedona Consignment Store


The SallyPat Transitional Residential Housing donation box will be up and running on November 1, 2021 at the Basha's Shopping Mall. The Sedona Wish List and the Red Rock News are making it possible to request sundry items needed at the SallyPat. Needed items are dishwashing soap, dishwasher soap, rinse aid, toilet paper, paper towels, tissue boxes, black sharpies, sticky notes, small containers of hand sanitizer, skin lotion, sunscreen, and sunscreen lip gloss.
Please donate only newly wrapped items due to Covid-19 restrictions. Watch for signs and the Donation Box inside The West Sedona Furniture Consignment Store, November 1, 2021. May your kindness be returned tenfold.

Date Submitted: 10-26-2021



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